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How to Organize Your Garage in 4 Simple Steps

4 Garage Organization Tips That Really Work

If you’re like most people, your garage has a will of its own… and its will is to get really disorganized, really quickly.

Fortunately, there are four super-effective tips that will help you create a perfectly organized garage that actually stays that way – and we know all of them.

4 Garage Organization Tips That Really Work

First things first: You’ll have to go through your garage and decide what to keep and what to donate or sell. If you haven’t used something in a year (holiday decorations excluded), it may be a safe bet that you won’t use it for another year.

Once that’s done and you’re down to the items you want to keep, follow these five steps toward permanent organization.

#1: Install wire shelving.

You’ll be able to maximize your space and minimize your frustration when you’re looking for something when you install wire shelving. Anchor your shelves to the wall for added safety. Invest in clear plastic storage bins to make sure you can easily access all the items you need.

Alternatively, you can screw 2x2s into the ceiling framing with 3.5-inch screws spaced every 2 feet. Screw 1x4s to the 2x2s with 2-inch screws to create a track, then slide the bins into place. (Pro tip: Only fill the bins with light stuff, like holiday decorations.)

#2: Put in corner shelves.

Attach a corner shelf unit (or two) to give yourself more storage space that’s perfect for spray cans and smaller items that tend to get lost or need to be stored upright.

#3: Make a DIY ball corral.

Use hooks, bungee cords and a few slats of wood to create a ball corral. Start with 0.75-inch plywood and 2x2s to create a corral large enough to hold basketballs, soccer balls and more like this one. Drill holes on the top and bottom to thread bungee cord through. If you’re really inspired, add plumbing hooks for helmets and other gear, as well as small plastic storage containers for baseballs, tennis balls and other small pieces of gear.

#4: Use pegboard on at least one wall.

With pegboard, all you need are a few hooks to stash gardening equipment, tools and other essentials in a secure, easy-to-reach location. You can even use it to hang little baskets and small totes, or to affix mid-sized bins for tiny items that frequently disappear. (Pro tip: Add a few magnetic strips for really small items, like drill bits.)

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