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4 kitchen organization tips - House Cleaning in NC

4 Fast, Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

We’ve all been there – the junk drawer has taken on a life of its own, there’s clutter on the countertops and it’s tough to find the right ingredients in the cupboards.

Your kitchen is in desperate need of these four fast (and easy) organization tips.

4 Fast, Easy Organization Tips for the Kitchen

Whether you’re out of space or your belongings just seem to gather in all the wrong places, these seven fast, easy organization tips for the kitchen will get your space organized again.

Kitchen Organization Tip #1: Hang Pots and Pans

Why take up valuable cabinet real estate with clunky pots and pans when you can hang them where appropriate? You can use screw-in hooks on the walls or beneath your cabinets, use a rod with sliding hooks, or opt for Command Hooks that won’t permanently damage your walls. While you’re at it, hang your utensils, too.

Kitchen Organization Tip #2: Fix Up Your Drop Zone

If your kitchen is like most people’s, there’s a spot that gathers mail, keys and other miscellaneous items, and it’s always piled with stuff that doesn’t actually belong in the kitchen. That’s called the drop zone, and if you want to keep your kitchen organized, it’s time to embrace it. Think about what you (or your kids) routinely put there and take steps to prevent those items from being clutter. For example, if you always put mail on the counter, put out a small bin for recycling or a filing system where your family can collect their mail. Kids’ gear might require adding a cubby or two, and maybe some hooks. If you add things to the drop zone that prevent items from becoming clutter, you’re already a step ahead of the mess.

Kitchen Organization Tip #3: Dump Out Your Junk Drawer (but Don’t Say Goodbye Just Yet)

Junk Drawer OrganizationDump out all the contents of your junk drawer. If there’s something in there that you haven’t used in a year, throw it out… and put items you haven’t used in six months on notice. Before you put the remaining items back in your junk drawer, use an organization tool like a divider tray or small boxes to help you corral miscellaneous items.

Kitchen Organization Tip #4: Use Family Bins

Assign each family member a bin and label it with his or her name (yourself included!) so that any would-be clutter associated with that person has a place to go. Put each person’s belongings in his or her bin so you can tidy up the kitchen quickly – and make a rule that each bin needs to be emptied every evening before bed. (You can use the bins to catch items from other rooms, too!)

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