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It’s not clean ‘til it’s Mack Maids clean! Our experts will make sure your home in Myrtle Beach is spotless from top to bottom – and we won’t rest until your house looks as good as new. PH: (843) 491-5526



Not only do the arrive on time and do everything on the long list of things to clean, they are also friendly and hard workers. They don't short change you on time. Every service is on-time, and fantastic. I get a deep clean with each visit. Very happy with the service.

Tabitha Becker

Outstanding cleaning service. Mack Maids have done an exceptional job cleaning every corner of my apartment. They are very professional and easy to work with. They take care of cleaning everything I never have time to do myself. My apartment has never been cleaner. Hiring Mack Maids has been one of the best decisions I've made.

Brian Jacobs

New client who is very happy with the ease of scheduling service for my home away from home! Tina is great to work with and keeps me up to date on service scheduling. Easy payment by credit card is an extra plus!

Susan Fogarty

I love Mack Maids! The girls were very friendly and polite.... It was so nice to walk into a clean house- and I was so happy to not have to do a thing when I got home after a long day! I also had my house cleaned after I had a surgery and it was so nice to not have to stress about cleaning while I was recovering. The girls brought all their own supplies and took out the trash after they were done... thanks Mack Maids!

Casey Bellman

We hired Mack Maids to do a move out clean, and are so happy we did! Our house was spotless and I didn't have to worry about moving and cleaning. Brandy did an amazing job and our house smelled amazing. They washed the baseboards, cleaned the blinds, our fridge and made the house look spotless. They arrived early and were very professional. We will definitely be using Mack Maids again and would highly recommend their services!

Kristin Erin



When Mack Maids’ cleaning pros tackle your kitchen, we pay close attention to corners and the tough-to-reach spaces that most people (even many cleaning services) ignore. We get our hands dirty to make sure your entire kitchen is sanitized and ultra-clean – we perform deep-cleaning so that the room where you prepare your food stops breeding germs and bacteria, keeping you and your family safe.

We’ll scrub your stovetop, counters, and cabinet faces. We’ll scour your sink and backsplashes, if you’d like, we’ll even clean your oven. Once everything is clean and sanitized (we only use family-friendly cleaning products), we’ll clean the floors and baseboards.


Tired of looking at a cluttered counter top that’s gathering dust and serving as a haven for germs in your bathroom? Those days are over when you bring in the big guns: Mack Maids. We’ll disinfect and sanitize every surface in your bathroom, from the counter tops and sinks to the toilet, tub, and shower. We’ll even sanitize your floors to make sure germs don’t have a place to hide.

Streak-free mirrors, gleaming faucets, and dust-free light fixtures are what you have to look forward to once we’re done.

Before Bathrooms ConditionAfter Bathrooms Condition


We’ll transform your bedroom into an idyllic retreat by whisking away dust from every surface: your dresser, your vanity, and even your ceiling fan. Our pros will clean under the bed, tackle the baseboards, and make sure your floors are clean, too, whether we’re sweeping, vacuuming, or doing a combination of both. We’ll dust and clean knickknacks, wall décor, and other items while we’re in there so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Our cleaning pros are well-versed in the art of cleaning floors, whether you have hardwoods, laminate, tile, or carpet (or anything else, for that matter). We use certified Bona cleaning products on hardwoods to ensure that they’re safely cleaned, and we use specific products designed for other floor types, as well.

We’ll sweep, mop, vacuum and clean throughout your home – and if you have stains on your carpet, we can remove them, too. When you bring in Mack Maids, you’ll be able to enjoy every aspect of your home again, from the ceiling to the floors.


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