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Need house cleaning services in Pinehurst, Southern Pines, or Aberdeen?

Mack Maids is here to help. Each member of our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and known for having a keen eye for detail – and we won’t miss a thing when we’re cleaning your home. We’ll scour every inch, from top to bottom, to make sure your home is as spotless as it was the day you moved in. PH: 910-725-3226



Not only do the arrive on time and do everything on the long list of things to clean, they are also friendly and hard workers. They don't short change you on time. Every service is on-time, and fantastic. I get a deep clean with each visit. Very happy with the service.

Tabitha Becker



Sanitizing is the name of the game in the kitchen, and that’s exactly what Mack Maids will do. First, we’ll straighten up; then we’ll start scrubbing and sanitizing your food preparation surfaces, your sinks, and the top of your stove. We’ll clean the burners, and if you’d like, we can clean the oven, too.

Using only kid- and pet-friendly cleaning products, we’ll make sure your whole kitchen is disinfected so you and your family are protected from germs, bacteria, and other dangers that threaten to make you sick from the kitchen.


Mack Maids uses only family-friendly cleaning products (they’re safe for pets, too!) to ensure your bathroom is clean from top to bottom.

We’ll clean your counter tops, cabinet faces, and mirrors so everything is squeaky-clean (and streak-free), and we’ll sanitize and disinfect all the fixtures known to transmit germs: faucets, bathtubs and showers, and toilets. We’ll clean your sinks, and sweep and mop your floors. By the time we’re done, you won’t be sure that anyone’s ever even used the bathrooms in your home. (We can even perform “extreme” cleaning services if you need them!)

Before Bathrooms ConditionAfter Bathrooms Condition


Your bedroom is supposed to be a peaceful retreat at the end of the day, but dust, dirt and grime take that away from you.

Mack Maids can give it back. We’ll dust everything, including your ceiling fan, wall décor, and baseboards, and we’ll keep an eye out for cobwebs up in the corners. We’ll clean your baseboards when we clean the floors (whether we’re sweeping your hardwoods or vacuuming your carpets), and we’ll make sure everything is as neat and tidy as it can be so you can have an idyllic, cozy space where you can really relax.


Using certified Bona floor cleaning products, Mack Maids will make sure your hardwood floors are super-clean – so clean that you’ll be proud to invite people over and show them off.

We clean more than just hardwoods, though; we’ll tackle laminate floors, tile, stone, and carpets to make sure every inch of your home is spotless. We use only the best cleaning products designed for your flooring type, too, so you never have to worry about streaks, spots, or stains; we will take care of your floors as if they were our own.


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