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Need your house cleaned in Columbus, Georgia? Mack Maids has established a long reputation of high-level service and affordability, and we’re known for excellence in housekeeping, cooking, and other tasks that can make your life easier. We can help you live better, starting today! PH: (706) 256-8771



Not only do the arrive on time and do everything on the long list of things to clean, they are also friendly and hard workers. They don't short change you on time. Every service is on-time, and fantastic. I get a deep clean with each visit. Very happy with the service.

Tabitha Becker



There’s nothing Mack Maids can’t do with a little know-how, dedication, and elbow grease – and that’s especially true in the kitchen. We’re able to transform well-used kitchen spaces into sparkling-clean rooms that you’ll be proud to cook in. We use kid-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning supplies to scour your sinks, sanitize your counter tops, and clean all the other surfaces in your kitchen so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our home cleaning experts will get out dust, dirt, and grime while disinfecting all your food preparation surfaces. We can even perform an “extreme” clean if necessary.


Mack Maids can transform a cluttered, messy bathroom into a tranquil retreat. Using best practices when it comes to disinfection and sanitation, we’ll make sure your entire lavatory – tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets – is completely clean.

Our experts will scrub and scour everything in the room. We’ll give your mirrors a streak-free shine, polish your fixtures, and make sure everything is neat as a pin so your bathroom is guest-ready. We’ll clean the floors, dust the lights, and make sure there aren’t any cobwebs in hard-to-reach places, so when you open your bathroom door, you’ll know that every inch of the room is clean.

Before Bathrooms ConditionAfter Bathrooms Condition


From dusting knickknacks and wall décor to chasing away dust bunnies beneath the bed, Mack Maids’ cleaning pros are your best defense against dirt, dust, and grime in the bedroom.

We’ll make sure every surface is spotless, and we’ll sweep your hardwoods, vacuum the carpet or rugs, and ensure that there’s no trace of dirt left behind before we leave the room. We’ll dust your ceiling fan, tidy up your bed, and whisk away cobwebs in the corners that most people miss; we’ll clean your baseboards, too. Not even the tiniest speck of dirt is safe when our pros are in your home.


Using only top-shelf cleaning products meant for the type of flooring you have, Mack Maids’ cleaning mavens will ensure the floors in your home are completely clean. Whether you have hardwoods, laminate, carpet, tile, or a combination of flooring materials, we know what to use – and how to clean floors properly.

We’ll sweep, mop, and scrub to make sure that every inch of your floor is sparkling clean. Carpet? No problem! We’ll move the furniture to make sure your carpet is as clean as it was the day you had it installed. We’ll even remove stains where necessary so that you can be proud to invite guests into your home.


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