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7 Commercial Cleaning Tips From the Pros - Mack Maids in SC, NC and GA

7 Commercial Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Keeping your commercial space clean is tough – but it’s exceptionally important. Clean workspaces promote employee productivity and keep your workers healthy by stopping the spread of germs, but sometimes it’s too much to keep up with on your own or by hiring a one-person janitorial service.

That’s why you need professional commercial cleaning services in North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia.

Commercial Cleaning: What Needs to Be Done

Commercial cleaning is important, whether you’re operating in an office space or a retail store. A clean workplace (and a clean shopping space) can make a huge difference in your bottom line, so if you’re doing your own commercial cleaning, here are seven things you need to do (in addition to vacuuming, sweeping and regular cleaning):

  1. Organize
  2. Clean computers, phones and tablets
  3. Clean keyboards
  4. Disinfect headsets
  5. Clean computer mouses
  6. Vacuum away dust on shelves
  7. Use a dusting spray

Commercial Cleaning Tip #1: Organizing Your Organization

Providing folders and storage space for employees is essential to keep clutter at bay. You don’t have to demand that everyone keep a perfectly spotless workspace, but know that at a minimum, neat piles that can be moved off desks promotes better productivity.

Commercial Cleaning Tip #2: Computer, Phone and Tablet Cleaning

You can drastically reduce the numbers of germs milling around your workspace by cleaning computer screens, tablets and phones with a solution of 70% alcohol, 30% water.

Commercial Cleaning Tip #3: Keyboard Cleaning

Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to scrub keyboard keys and remove ages of built-on gunk. Make sure you squeeze out all the water, though, because it could drip down between your keys and cause bigger problems.

Commercial Cleaning Tip #4: Disinfect Headsets Between Uses

Do you have any idea how many germs live on phone headsets? If your employees use them regularly, wipe them clean with a cloth and then swab them with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Commercial Cleaning Tip #5: Get the Mice

If you have mice – actual mice – in your workspace, that’s another problem. However, if you have a computer mouse (or more than one), this tip’s for you. Wipe it down with a lightly moistened microfiber cloth to keep it clean enough to use.

Commercial Cleaning Tip #6: Vacuum the Tops of Books and Papers

Books on shelves (and stacks of paper on shelves) collect dust, which can damage them – and it takes forever to dust each one individually. Run a vacuum attachment over the tops to remove allergy-inducing irritants in your workspace.

Commercial Cleaning Tip #7: Use a Dusting Spray

The same dusting spray your mom and grandmother used still works, and it helps keep dust from gathering on surfaces.

Do You Need Help With Commercial Office Cleaning?

If this list left you reeling, don’t worry – we can handle all of it for you.

Call us at 910-725-3226 (North Carolina), 706-256-8770 (Georgia), or 843-491-5526 (South Carolina). If it’s easier, simply get in touch with us online for your free quote on commercial cleaning services and housekeeping services.




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