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7 Cleaning Games for Kids

7 Cleaning Games for Kids

7 Cleaning Games for KidsIf you’re like many parents, a big part of summer break is contending with the mess is that your children make.  Getting them to clean up after themselves – not to mention tackle the rest of the chores around the house – is a huge challenge.

But there’s great news.  These are seven cleaning games for kids who can turn the most boring chores into fun tasks.

7 Cleaning Games for Kids

These seven cleaning games for kids can make picking up a whole lot easier for you and for them.

#1. Create a Copycat Game

Pick up a child-sized cleaning caddy and fill it with:

  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • A lint roller
  • A collection of rags
  • A small broom and dust pan
  • Sponges

Explain what each piece is for and have your child do what you’re doing – and if nothing else, he or she will stay busy while you do the heavy-duty cleaning.

#2. Play Robots

Use construction paper to create “code” with instructions for cleaning. Take turns being the robot and following coded instructions, like this.

#3. Clean-Up Jenga

Write chores on Jenga blocks and start the game – everyone has to do the tasks on the blocks they pull. You can stop the game to complete tasks or you can play through to the end (it depends on how much attention your family can pay to the game and to cleaning).

#4. Do a Treasure Hunt

Hide little toys, treats or coins amid the mess and tell the kids they’re free to find them. The bigger your kids are, the more carefully you can hide treasures – we know someone whose mom taped quarters beneath lamps to make sure her kids were picking them up to dust beneath them.

#5. Make it a Race

Set a timer and ask kids to beat the clock. You can mix things up by calling out a color, a type of toy or laundry, or another identifying characteristic. (Laundry: Go! Matchbox cars: Go!)

#6. Play Cleaning Charades

Let your little ones dress up and act like a favorite character while they clean. Whether you have little firemen, princesses or cowboys and girls, your kids will get to use their imaginations to pick up toys like their favorite characters would.

#7. Play Chore Yahtzee

Create a numbered list of chores. Have the kids roll the dice, and the number that comes up is the task they’ll complete. The sooner they finish one task, the sooner they get to roll again – but mix in a few rewards so there’s always the chance they’ll roll for a popsicle, small toy or other fun thing.

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