House Cleaning

3 Super-Easy Oven-Cleaning Hacks From the Pros

If you’re like most people, cleaning the oven isn’t on the top of your “Favorite Things to Do” list. It’s messy, it introduces all kinds of chemicals into your home, and it takes a long time. Unless, of course, you use one of these three simple oven-cleaning hacks. 3 Super-Easy Oven-Cleaning Hacks From the Pros […]

Why Everyone Needs Live Plants at Home

If you’re like most people, you have a few houseplants sitting around – and whether you have a green thumb or the exact opposite, you need to know which plants do best in each room (and add a few plant-care tips to your arsenal of knowledge). Why Everyone Needs Live Plants at Home There are […]

7 Places Everyone Forgets to Clean

When you’re buzzing around your home doing routine clean-up, it’s easy to remember the counters, the stove, the toilets and everything else you see every day… but what areas are you forgetting? 7 Places Everyone Forgets to Clean First things first: We know you’re too busy to clean everything (that’s why we’re here with super-easy […]

16 Super-Easy Household Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

When you’re in a pinch and need to get the house cleaned quickly, you can always call our professional house cleaners – but if that’s not in the cards for you, use these 16 amazing cleaning tips that’ll make your home sparkle. 16 Super-Easy Household Tips to Freshen Up Your Home First things first: Make […]

Extreme Cleaning: You Won’t Believe the Difference

  Sometimes the mess just spirals out of control—and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it. We’ve seen some pretty extreme cases, and we’ve helped transform homes that were almost uninhabitable into ultra-clean, fresh spaces that look nothing like they did when we arrived. What is Extreme Cleaning? When homes become overrun […]

Kitchen Cleaning

Having a clean kitchen has more benefits that you might think. It has more germs that the bathroom and can get a family sick and keep them sick more often. Surface germs, refrigerator dirt, appliance grime and other critical points in the kitchen need to be cleaned every few weeks. Clean and sterile kitchens can […]

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Bona Cleaning Supplies

We use Bona cleaning products. Don’t know Bona? Do some googling and you will see why we created a strategic alliance with them. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec condimentum accumsan ligula, non commodo dolor varius vitae. Morbi dapibus neque a mauris sodales bibendum. Phasellus at ornare tellus. Etiam vel ligula eros. […]



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