Myrtle Beach Housekeeping and House Cleaning Services

Mack Maids in Myrtle Beach offers affordable housekeeping and house cleaning services that allow you to enjoy your home without the stress of keeping up with dust, dirt, and grime. Our service areas include:

  • Arcadian Shores
  • Burgess
  • Carolina Forest
  • Forestbrook
  • Garden City
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Pine Island
  • Shaw Air Force Base
  • Socastee
  • Surfside Beach

Weekly Housekeeping Services in Myrtle Beach

Everyone wants to come home to a clean house, and that’s exactly what you can do with our weekly housekeeping services in Myrtle Beach. Our skilled housekeepers will whisk away dirt, dust, and grime while you work so you can come home and do what you really want to do: Relax.

What We Clean

Experience makes all the difference when you hire a housekeeping service, and Mack Maids has that. We clean:

  • Bathrooms. We’ll wipe clean the counters, sink basins, faucets, tub, shower (including shower doors, on both sides), and mirrors—and all the surrounding areas. We’ll clean the tile, sanitize the toilet, and mop the floor.
  • Kitchen. We place special emphasis on cleaning the kitchen. We’ll wipe down and sanitize all the countertops and the sink, as well as your small appliances (like coffee pots and toasters), and we’ll clean your entire microwave. We’ll clean your stovetop, drip pans, and under the range hood, and we’ll clean the other major appliances, too. Cabinets, tables and chairs are next, and then we’ll clean and sanitize the floors.
  • Bedrooms. Dusting each surface, pictures, and knickknacks is typically how we begin cleaning bedrooms. We’ll clean furniture, change your linens, and vacuum the floor.
  • Dining room. We’ll dust the light fixture, clean the table and chairs, and clean other furniture before we clean the floor.
  • Living room. Dusting all your décor, cleaning your mirrors and picture frames, and clearing dust from your baseboards is how we begin cleaning your living room. We’ll finish by vacuuming your furniture and your floors.
  • Laundry room. We’ll wipe clean each surface in your laundry room and ensure the floors are sparkling clean.

(We also perform commercial and office cleaning services.)

House Cleaning Services in Myrtle Beach, SC

If you don’t need weekly or bi-weekly housekeeping services, but you do need your home or rental property cleaned periodically, Mack Maids can help. We offer vacation rental cleaning, move-out cleaning, and special occasion cleaning services in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding communities.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Do you rent out your property on AirBnB or another Myrtle Beach vacation rental site? No problem! We can set up housekeeping and house cleaning services that ensure your rental is always squeaky-clean.

Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you’re moving out of a rental home or you’re a property owner who needs professional cleaning services, Mack Maids can help. We’ll restore the home to move-in ready condition, from the kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and other living spaces.

Special Occasion or One-Time Cleaning

In-laws coming to town? Having a party? No problem! Mack Maids offers special occasion cleaning we can perform when you’re having guests. We also specialize in after-guest and after-party cleanup, so no matter what you need us for, we’ll be there.

Ready to Talk About Housekeeping and House Cleaning in Myrtle Beach?

We can help you keep your home spotless. Just call us at 910-725-3226 for a free housekeeping or house cleaning estimate to get started today!



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